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What is CBG and what are some benefits?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is one of the newest Cannabinoids. There is still little information about CBG. CBG is the short form of Cannabigerol. It is one of the numerous chemicals found in cannabis Sativa. The popular cannabinoids are CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol. CBG is new and has versatile benefits.


Both cannabinoids are not intoxicative like the THC. CBG and CBD communicate with the same receptors in the human body. CBG is known to be the precursor of other cannabinoids. The reason is that the Acidic form of CBG, which is the CBG-A, breaks down to create CBD, THC, and CBC. 

So, what is CBG? It is believed that CBG tends to have more health benefits and functions than the CBD. The significant difference between these two cannabinoids depends on the level of research available.

What Are Some Benefits of CBG?

Studies reviews several benefits below;

  • Improve inflammatory bowel disease: CBG may improve inflammatory bowel disease. It can help to reduce the inflammation related to bowel disease
  • Treatment of Glaucoma– CBG can also help to treat glaucoma. CBG reduces intraocular pressure which is responsible for its efficacy in treating glaucoma
  • Bladder dysfunctions: CBG also helps to treat bladder dysfunctions. Some cannabinoids tend to affect the contraction of the bladder
  • Cancer treatment: CBG also reduces the growth of cancer cells and other tumors in humans.
  • Appetite enhancement: CBG can also stimulate your appetite. Appetite stimulation is beneficial to those with HIV or cancer conditions.

Any side effects?

As stated earlier, there is limited information about CBG since it’s relatively new. However, with the data available, it has minimal side effects. The effect can be managed. Ask your doctor before medication.

Where to get CBG products

Getting good quality CBG oil may be daunting. It is difficult to see. You can try full-spectrum CBD products that contain several cannabinoids. This alternative is much easier to get than CBG-focused products.

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  1. Interesting that it is believed that CBG tends to have more health benefits and functions than the CBD. So do you then think CBG will be bigger then CBD?

    I am also not sure I understand why if CDG is known to be the precursor of other cannabinoids, why did CBD come out before CBG. I am totally new to this Industry so please pardon what might sound ignorant.

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