What Happens When You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

What happens when you mix CBD and Alcohol? Amongst everything going on with CBD, even the alcohol manufacturing industries have even joined by producing CBD-infused drinks, shots, beers, and other alcoholic beverages

In all these improvements and awareness, a large number still asks questions that are yet to be answered. For instance, what happens when you mix CBD and alcohol? This article will show you all that you need to know.

Can when you mix CBD and alcohol?

Several types of research have reviewed that CBD can have slight effects on your body. They show it can reduce pain and anxiety while alcohol is known to reduce inhibitions and enhance relaxation. A study also reviewed that taking 20 to 75 mg of CBD for daily routine within a month increases sleep quality. Taking CBD and alcohol may increase these effects, thereby causing sedation and increased sleepiness.

Ways CBD can impact the effects of alcohol

Prevention of cell damage and disease: Too much alcohol intake may cause damage to cells, chronic diseases like pancreatitis, liver diseases, cancer, and more. Many animal studies review that CBD can protect cells damaged by excessive alcohol consumption.

May also reduce blood alcohol levels: BAC is also known as the blood alcohol concentration; It measures the amount of alcohol in your blood. A high level of alcohol in your blood is detrimental. It is believed that CBD can affect blood alcohol levels in positive ways.

CBD May Be Therapeutic for Alcohol Addiction: Many research understands that CBD can help to treat alcohol use disorder. This is so because analysis has been carried out on animals that show the potency of CBD to reduce several symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. A recent study also reviews that CBD reduces alcohol intake, decreases motivation to consume.


There’s little info about the effects of mixing alcohol w/ CBD. Some research indicates that CBD may protect against adverse alcohol effects. Notwithstanding the slight effects of both combinations. CBD and alcohol enhance calmness and relaxation. More research is highly needed to ascertain how the two can affect your behavior and body mood.

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