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UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD Honey Sticks: 10pk – 150mg CBD




How to use :

By mouth or mix with drinks


Raw honey, lemon, tangerine essential oil, and hemp extract

Form :

Thick liquid

# of servings :


Product Weight :


Flavors :

Lemon and tangerine

None :


Effects :


Health benefits :

Anxiety, calmness, and anxious relief and more

THC free :


Subscriptions coming soon

Free Shipping on Orders over $75

30-day Money Back Guarantee



The UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD Honey Sticks are a delicious mixture of potent CBD and pure sweet honey. You can enjoy these high-quality honey sticks by themselves while on the go or as a sweetener in your coffee, tea, or other food of choice. Simply eat the high-quality honey, and you will quickly feel the powerful CBD inside provide pain relief, stress relief, and a myriad of other wellness benefits. 

UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD is legal in most U.S. states and falls under the .03% THC requirements of the federal 2018 Farm Bill guidelines for Hemp Products

Whether you enjoy them as a simple snack or as a high-quality food sweetener, UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD Honey Sticks are a fast, neat, and easy way to add CBD to your regular diet and lifestyle. Simply remove the end of the honey stick and either suck on it like a straw or carefully pour its contents into your food or beverage of choice. 

The Hemp used in UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD products is amongst the best in the world, and you will love the fantastic results you will get from only a tiny dose. There is no sweeter way to add potent CBD blast to your daily routine. Make sure to try some UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD Honey Sticks next time you go out on a hike or need a quick snack at home.

UrbanLeaf Naturals CBD Products are THC-free and have no serious side effects. You will not fail a drug test due to usage. No prescription or medical card is needed to buy and consume. Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing or children under 18 years old w/o parent consent. Please use responsibly.


THC free product

Derived from the industrial hemp plant

Lab tested and approved

No prescription or medical card needed


Bite or cut off the end of the Honey Stick.  Suck on the stick as if it’s a straw or slowly pour its contents into a drink or food of choice. Daily use is recommended.


When it comes to CBD products, this is what everyone wants to know. The quick answer is no. They won't get you high because they don't contain the cannabinoid THC.

This sweet, sticky product gifted to us by bees is one of the best things you can combine CBD with. Doing so gives you the best of both worlds, which includes honey's ability to soothe burns, heal wounds, supply energy, and rid the body of harmful bacteria, as well as CBD's capacity to reduce pain and anxiety.


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