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Cloud N9ne CBD Flower – Strain: Blue Dream




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Cloud N9ne CBD flower is specially grown and cultivated to provide potent and long-lasting relief. The Blue Dream strain is famous for its unique sweet berry aroma, cerebral stimulation, and full-body relaxation. This is an organic and natural CBD flower of extremely high quality and is used by hundreds of people each day for overall wellness, relaxation, and help with various ailments. 

Every harvest of the Cloud N9ne Blue Dream strain of CBD flower is tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture. All Cloud N9ne CBD flower is non-psychoactive and legal in all 50 U.S. states. This product falls under the .03% THC requirement of the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines for hemp products.

Cloud N9ne products are known for their potency and quality, and it all starts by creating a flower that stands above the rest of the competition. This flower can be smoked, vaped, and mixed in with your favorite food or drinks for a fast and effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Some common uses of the Blue Dream CBD strain include alleviation from chronic pain, arthritis, stress, and general muscle tension. CBD is also recommended by The American Sleep Association as a way to get a more restful night’s sleep and may also be effective in promoting better skin health.

Cloud N9ne CBD flowers are cultivated from organic CBD hemp buds on their farms in Oregon. Each plant has been specially developed to offer a calming effect on the body in addition to a myriad of other benefits. Every use of Cloud N9ne CBD flower will provide relief for multiple hours. So order now and experience the best Cannabidiol flower on the market today!

Cloud N9ne CBD flower will not cause you to fail a drug test. CBD has no serious side effects. No prescription or medical card is needed to buy and consume. Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing or children under 18 years old without a parent’s consent. Please take responsibly.


Derived from the industrial hemp plant

Lab tested and approved

No prescription or medical card needed


Grind up CBD flower and place inside a pipe, blunt, bong or rolling papers and enjoy.


CBD flower is a simple, familiar way to consume CBD for many users who are familiar with cannabis in its most natural form. While other CBD products that contain hemp extracts have their own benefits, they are more potent than natural CBD flower strains and are often far more expensive. As a result, CBD hemp flower is a more economical choice for many users, particularly those who don’t need the more powerful punch that full-spectrum and CBD isolate products may contain. Otherwise, using hemp flowers is exactly the same as using CBD oil, edibles, or topics. After all, it’s the natural hemp plant where those other forms come from!

Our premium hemp flower by Cloud N9ne is sourced from a selected group of growers that are careful to ensure optimal conditions throughout the growing process. This ensures their products are as natural as possible and free from contaminants. Cloud N9ne works hard to make sure that they deliver the best possible product to their customers every single time. Organic, naturally-grown CBD is the only product they deal in, delivering some of the highest-quality CBD in the business. We proudly support and regularly stock Cloud N9ne CBD flower strains to guarantee that you have access to CBD flower that’s grown with care.

CBD often has relatively subtle effects that work on your body without the strong psychoactive manifestations other hemp derivatives are associated with. However, CBD is associated with relaxed moods and increased sleepfulness. As a result, it’s strongly advised that you don’t consume CBD flower products before driving, using heavy machinery, or performing important work until you know how your body responds to the CBD bud. Different hemp strains may have different effects on your body, and it’s important to know how any given flower strain impacts your energy, alertness, and wakefulness. CBD products that are marketed to be energizing or uplifting may contain cannabinoids that make CBD use more accessible early in the daytime. Otherwise, CBD is best used during a time of the day when you are ready to relax and wind down.

Absolutely. In fact, in some jurisdictions around the United States, medical guidelines recommend against the combustion of natural hemp flower CBD products. As a result, vaporization is the preferred method of consumption for many CBD flower customers. You can vape CBD flower in any standard dry herb vaporizer, and basic models of these vaporizers are available at affordable prices for any CBD enthusiast. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to purchase a dry herb vaporizer in any vape store or dispensary. You can also find popular dry herb vapes for sale at many of the most popular (and even the not-so-popular) online vaping outlets.

There is no specific taste to cannabidiol, and it can have a variety of different flavors depending on how it is processed and the form you use it in. Many people think of the natural taste of CBD as being a bit strange, but this opinion is usually tied to natural tasting CBD oil. You can, however, find many other products that mask the flavor or have no taste at all. CBD flower can have an earthy or skunky scent to it. This is due to the terpenes that naturally occur in CBD flower, and the variation in flavors depends on the different unique terpenes in any given strain.

It sure is! In fact, CBD hemp flower is routinely sold in edible forms, particularly chocolates and gummy supplements. These products contain extracts from hemp flowers, typically full-spectrum CBD which may contain up to 0.3% THC. However, more purely-processed extracts, called CBD isolate, have no THC content at all. If you’d rather make your own CBD edibles, there are dozens of guides available online and in cannabis publications that discuss cooking with hemp flowers. CBD hemp edibles are popular because they’re fun to consume and it’s easy to control the exact dosage you’re taking. Of course, your dosage will be more difficult to calculate in homemade CBD edible concoctions.

Yes, CBD products have a uniquely distinct smell which is most commonly associated with cannabis smoke. Many CBD users find the aroma to be quite pleasing, while some individuals are put-off by its particularly peculiar pungency. No matter how you feel about the scent, it’s there, and it’s strong. CBD hemp flower is, admittedly, the “smelliest” way to enjoy your CBD. However, vaporized flower doesn’t stick to fabrics and surfaces with the same stubbornnes as tobacco smoke or even smoked cannabis flower. It’s easy to get the smell out of a room with good ventilation and a deodorizing spray.

This one’s tricky. CBD products are completely legal for sale and consumption in the United States, but some CBD products are made with a hemp extract called full-spectrum CBD. These products may, allowable by law, contain up to 0.3% THC. As a result, a sensitive drug test screening for THC may detect even these low levels of consumption, particularly if you’re a heavy user of CBD products. Since CBD hemp flower is the most natural, “closest-to-the-source” way to consume cannabidiol, it’s unavoidable that some CBD flower strains may contain trace amounts of THC. If you’re planning on taking a drug screen for any reason, it may be advisable to avoid CBD products.

The vast majority of CBD products are considered safe to use, and the FDA has approved many of these products. However, there are some people who will not be able to use CBD because they experience side effects when they consume it. There have been no reported cases of life-threatening side effects while taking CBD. Cottonmouth is a common side effect of CBD consumption, particularly when smoked or vaporized. It’s a dry sensation in your mouth that makes you feel like you’re thirsty, so it’s a good idea to keep lots of fluids handy when using your CBD.

There are plenty of advantages that make each form of CBD good for something. CBD flower, however, is the most natural way to consume CBD since you’re getting your supplement right from the source. CBD flower is handled with great care and minimally-processed to ensure that it’s free of any outside adulterants, whereas even the purest CBD extracts by their very nature contain some other ingredients.

Our premium CBD hemp flower products are supplied by Cloud N9ne, a 100% all-American growing operation located in the heartland of the United States. We only offer our customers professionally-grown organic hemp CBD flower products from our most trusted supplier to ensure you’re always getting exactly what you’re paying for. Cloud N9ne CBD products are grown in a highly controlled environment to eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and other additives.

Finding the right flower strain is all about testing and experimenting to see which strain and terpene profile you like the best. There’s no right or wrong answer, and since CBD has relatively mild effects and different forms are meant for different uses, your best bet is to start with some user reviews of popular strains and try a few that offer the benefits you’re looking for.

When Congress passed the farm bill in 2018, the cultivation of hemp and the production of and use of hemp products became legal at a federal level. It legally identifies hemp products as containing no more than 0.3% THC, thereby removing hemp from the controlled substances list. Some state lawmakers are getting involved and the new state laws can be pretty confusing, and depending on where you live, smoking hemp could actually be illegal. Make sure to check your local regulations before purchasing flower to smoke.


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