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American CBD Tincture: 500mg, 2,500mg, 5,000mg & 8,000mg CBD



How to use :



Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and hemp CBD oil.

Form :


# of Servings :


Product Weight :


Flavor :


None :


Effects :

Calmness and relaxation

Health benefits :

Anxiety, mild pain, parkinson's, fibromyalgia relief and more

THC free :


Subscriptions coming soon

Free Shipping on Orders over $75

30-day Money Back Guarantee


American CBD Tinctures are certified pure, full-spectrum CBD oil with no added artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings. When you want pure, potent CBD that you can easily add to your favorite drinks or take directly under the tongue, there is no better option than the tinctures from American CBD. 

This powerful CBD concentrate is excellent for getting quick relief from chronic pains, achieving a more profound sense of relaxation, and gaining relief from anxiety. It even works to fight the underlying causes of low-quality sleep. Thousands have already turned to American CBD for their daily wellness needs.

American CBD Products are legal under federal law and fall under the .03% THC requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines for Hemp Products.

This high-quality CBD product is made from full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes and fatty acids from the entire natural industrial hemp plant. Order today and find out why so many are looking to American CBD for fast, powerful, all-natural relief.

American CBD Tinctures come in four sizes, 500mg, 2,500mg, 5,000mg and 8,000mg. With two low 10mg daily doses, you can expect each 500mg increment to last you up to 25 days. For those who need a higher dosage for more intense relief, the larger bottles are your perfect solution, ensuring you have enough to last you for weeks or even months to come. Use as an oral tincture or as an additive to a liquid, and take 10-20 mg twice daily. Increase dosage as needed. For the fastest relief, use sublingually by placing drops under your tongue and holding them there for 30-90 seconds. 

American CBD is THC-free and has no serious side effects. You will not fail a drug test due to usage. No prescription or medical card is needed to buy and consume. Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing or children under 18 years old w/o parent consent. Please use responsibly.




THC Free

Derived from the industrial hemp plant

Lab tested and approved

No prescription or medical card needed


Put 1/2-1 full dropper of CBD oil depending on the mg count in each bottle under your tongue once or twice a day as needed. Let it sit under your tongue for 45-60 seconds then swallow.


Tinctures are convenient as they do not need any tool, such as a vape pen, to be administered. It is not always easy to consume CBD oil as it is thick and tastes bitter. Our American CBD Tincture, on the other hand, is easy to consume as it is not as thick and will not leave any oily feeling in the mouth.

Since the potency of this is high, there is no need for you to take any more than two drops daily to enjoy its effects. If you want the immediate effect of CBD, our tincture is the best option for you.


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