A CBD vape pen is a battery-operated device that people use to inhale aerosol CBD. The pen has three main components: a reservoir to hold the CBD extract, a heating element, and a battery.

There are two types of vape pens:

Disposable vape pens are a low-cost alternative that comes with preset doses of CBD vape oil or concentrate. Once the battery dies or the pen is empty, you simply throw it away. May first-time CBD users enjoy these pens because they are a simple and cheap way of trying CBD. Disposable vape pens come in almost any flavor you can imagine and have a wide range of potencies and styles.

Reusable vape pens are more expensive but last much longer and can save you some money in the long run. Reusable pens are made with higher quality ingredients and have a rechargeable battery and sometimes a temperature control function. You refill these pens with CBD concentrates or CBD vape oil that you put into the reservoir. Many companies sell these vape pens in a vape kit with everything you need in one simple box.