Third-party testing is essential to make sure you get the quality you want and deserve. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is poorly regulated. Third-party testing is an effective way for companies to provide you with transparency about their products.

Many companies manufacture poor quality or scam CBD products to the unknowing public as health supplements. Many of these supplements are contaminated with harmful chemicals like pesticides or preservatives or even heavy metals. The solution to this is third-party testing.

Reputable companies send samples of their products to independent laboratories to test for CBD potency, purity, and contamination. The lab then provides an independent certificate of their findings to the CBD manufacturer. Reputable CBD companies will post these results live on their website. Using third-party laboratories holds the  CBD suppliers accountable to the public for their claims and reduces the risk to the customers. It’s more reliable to trust in the results of a laboratory that holds no stake in the sale of the product itself.

Unfortunately, many companies that might find contaminants in their oils may not volunteer that information to their customers. Many companies test their products for quality control, but the ethical ones want a stamp of approval from an independent third-party testing laboratory.

We recommend you never buy CBD products from any company that cannot show you independent third-party test results to back up their claims. If they cannot or will not, you must ask yourself, ” Why are they hiding the results?”