People always ask: How does CBD make you feel? CBD will make you feel relaxed. CBD will not make you high because it is non-psychoactive. The effects are subtle. It might give you a fuzzy sensation or make your body feel lighter or heavier. Your mind will feel loose and relaxed.


Higher doses produce stronger effects. But don’t worry because even very high doses, those over 100 mg, cannot produce results that will make you high. People have described the effects of CBD as producing a feeling like you are on autopilot. Without any concentration or conscious thought, you feel your body responding automatically. This is a normal reaction, and you remain mentally alert and perfectly in control.


Occasionally, some people will find themselves getting sleepy or feeling tired with higher doses of CBD. This is also perfectly normal and more prevalent in CBD products that contain a higher concentration of cannabinol (CBN), a related cannabinoid, which is a strong sedative.