Can CBD Help With Toothaches and How Effective Is It?

Can CBD help with toothaches
Can CBD help with toothaches? Users have reported CBD can be helpful for numerous ailments, bringing to question if it can benefit teeth.

Can CBD help with toothaches and how effective is it? Users have reported CBD can be helpful for numerous ailments, bringing to question if CBD can help with toothaches.  This makes sense considering CBD contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain killing properties. Some have reported using the CBD for anxiety during visits to dentists as well.

Unfortunately, there is little research about CBD and dental health. But that hasn’t stopped users from giving it a try. There is an increasing trend of CBD users using it for everything from reversing cavities, healing abscesses, and relieving the pain of toothaches. Some are using the oils topically, applied directly to the tooth in pain.

What is oil pulling and how it can help toothaches

Oil pulling  involves swishing oils around the mouth. This is done in hopes to remove the toxins in the mouth. Benefits from this method are reported to be a reduction in plaque, whiter teeth, and an overall improvement in oral health. The most common oil used for this practice is coconut oil. By adding CBD to this practice, you will find great results that help toothaches.

Does oil pulling work with CBD?

Perhaps you don’t believe in the benefits of oil pulling. Beliefs aside, consider that the method of oil pulling to be a potentially better alternative to other application approaches that will help toothaches.

Some people combine the two methods. Oil pulling provides prolonged contact over the areas of concern, while individual drops applied to the tooth are likely to be immediately washed away or swallowed.

One of the downsides to the oil pulling method is the increased cost. The cost of swishing an entire mouthful of CBD oil around can add up fast to alleviate tooth pain with CBD.

Long story short

If you’re suffering from dental health problems or toothaches, CBD is worth a try.  Internal consumption may reduce pain and inflammation, however direct topical application or oil pulling could be an additional benefit to a hygiene healthy oral routine.

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