The Truth Behind the Delta-8 Crackdowns

In recent years the Cannabis industry has skyrocketed in value and become incredibly large, hitting a record $17.5 Billion in sales this year alone. It is even predicted that Cannabis could rival craft beer in the next five years, with estimations for 2026 approaching nearly $41 billion. With so much money on the line, competition has gotten more intense, and more ruthless. It has become so heated, in fact, we are now seeing facets of the industry openly clash with one another in the political realm. This internal strife is perhaps best encapsulated with what has been going on with those who sell marijuana pushing for regulations against Delta-8 products and producers.

Delta-8, also referred to as D8, is a relatively unknown product in the wider public, but for those who use Cannabis, it has become an incredibly hot topic. Simply put, Delta-8 is another compound found within the Cannabis plant, like THC or CBD, that is now being extracted and sold for usage in vapes, edibles, and tinctures. The problem is that Delta-8 has the same psychoactive effects as traditional marijuana, specifically that it can get you high, but it is derived from the hemp plant like CBD. This means that under current federal law, where hemp products can be openly sold, but marijuana products cannot be, Delta-8 has found itself in an interesting place. Delta-8 can be sold like CBD, but it has the effects much like classic marijuana THC. 

The Cannabis Industry is in Open Opposition to Itself

It wasn’t long before officials and lawmakers on the state level took notice of this discrepancy and acted to either approve or disapprove of Delta-8. Of course, some places were quick to try and outright ban Delta-8 products, as they did in New York and Colorado. Elsewhere, states like Florida and Texas have decided, for now, to allow the product to continue being sold. With so many states with different political leanings making their own decisions, this patchwork reaction was to be expected. What has been surprising, however, is that certain marijuana distributors have been lobbying their state lawmakers to ban Delta-8 under much the same pretenses that had held their aspect of the industry back in years past. 

America’s largest cannabis companies, with help from lobbyists, are working to convince lawmakers that hemp-derived Delta-8 should be illegal once and for all. -Will Yakowicz, writing for Forbes

Many of the methods being employed against Delta-8 harken back to the days of Reefer Madness, where scare tactics and hyperbole are strategically employed to demonize a Cannabis product and push lawmakers in a particular direction. Stories abound of Delta-8 being created using battery acid or pool chemicals and poison control centers being unaware of how to treat the victims. These stories come from the fact that D8 often needs chemicals like heptane to be extracted from the plant, but they fail to mention that simply washing the end product removes any possible harm. It’s akin to claiming that since pesticides are used on vegetables, that vegetables are likely to poison you. However,  These incidents are put forward time and again as the norm. That’s not to say these rare incidents didn’t occur, but the idea that this Cannabis extract is inherently highly poisonous is beyond ludicrous. As stated before, Delta-8 is simply another Cannabis extract, much like THC or CBD, and is no more or less harmful than these products when properly made. The fact that Marijuana distributors are pushing the idea of Delta-8 being akin to one drinking pool acid would be laughable if it weren’t so common on major media sites. 

The claims have gotten so extreme that you have Joe Bayern, the CEO of Curaleaf and someone with a monetary interest in cracking down on Delta-8, claiming that the compound is “one of the most high-profile health risks available in the marketplace today.” 

When you take a step back, you are able to see why these large cannabis companies are pushing to regulate Delta-8; it creates competition for their products. Many of these large distributors have monopolized whole swathes of territory by helping to push regulations that make competing difficult, with a high barrier to entry. A new product that undercuts their hard work in controlling the market is obviously going to be a target for them.

The Full Legalization of THC, and the Easing of Restrictions, is the Only Real Solution

The boogeyman driving the propaganda against Delta8 is the untrained and unscrupulous, making the product either at home or without proper oversight. But, as we learned with prohibition efforts in the past, you can’t eliminate the desire, only our ability to keep the industry above board. If the real problem is people unsafely making the product at home, the only real solution to the Delta-8 issue is to allow D8 and THC products to be openly bought and sold in those states. If the problem is companies making defective products in a rush to actually compete with the Cannabis behemoths, we need to make it easier for them to operate and meet regulating standards. The problem we have is not with too little regulation on D8, but with overbearing laws that force aspects of the industry underground or into the crevices.

None of this is new. This is the same stance marijuana producers took a decade ago when it came to cultivating, selling, and packaging marijuana products. The irony is that these same cannabis warriors of years past are now the ones repeating the old mistakes. If we want a safe and productive Delta-8 industry, we need to continue the push into easy, legal, safe, and tested.

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