The FDA Warning on Delta-8 is Being Used to Mislead

The FDA has recently put out a statement on their website regarding the safety of Delta-8 products. While we do not disagree with the statements made by the FDA, it is easy to see how this piece will be misconstrued and used to demonize a product that thousands all over the country enjoy on a  regular basis.

The nature of our current news media means that headlines will try and be as sensational as possible. This has led to journalists from several sources taking what the FDA has said and using it as a jumping-off point for creating headlines designed to scare readers. With headlines like “Delta-8 Cannabis Products Can Cause Scary Health Effects” published on Self, or “So-called ‘edibles’ might be infused with dangerous delta-8 THC marijuana” on, it is easy to see how this general warning from the FDA will be quickly skewed into an indictment of the Delta-8 industry as a whole. 

As firm believers in not only the benefits of Delta-8 but also the safety of the product when sourced from trusted brands, we feel the need to offer our response to this piece put out by the FDA and to counterbalance the deluge of negative articles it has spawned. 

It is also worth noting that the Delta-8 industry has been under attack from competing Cannabis brands who are losing money to Delta-8 producers. There is significant motivation across the board to try and demonize this product, and this FDA article has only given them more room to skew the truth and hurt the sales of D8 products. You can read more about this broader attack on Delta-8 here.

We will be responding to each warning by the FDA in their article and putting these statements into a broader context. By the end, you will see that, while the FDA is not incorrect in their claims, a lack of understanding about the Cannabis industry can easily lead to these statements being misinterpreted and misunderstood.

FDA Statement #1: Delta-8 May be Marketed in Ways that Put Public Health at Risk.

The first statement by the FDA delves into the fact that Delta-8 products may not be clearly labeled and that many are putting forward “unsubstantiated therapeutic claims.” 

Regarding the first part, mislabeling is always a serious issue, and it is often worse in young and new industries. Delta-8 is currently very young, and the rush to get to market has led to many brands putting forward untested and rushed products. This is why we always say you must buy your Delta-8, and really anything you will consume, from trusted brands. It is important to note, however, that mislabeling of products is not only an issue when it comes to Delta-8; some surveys have found that more than 10% of all products on shelves have some form of mislabeling. To avoid issues with Delta-8 purchases, we suggest you only buy from companies you trust or manufacturers that offer you third-party lab analysis.

The second part of this statement, “unsubstantiated therapeutic claims.” is a bit more complex. While the FDA has not approved Delta-8, and many sellers are much too bold in their claims about the benefits of their products, there is ample evidence that Delta-8 can be beneficial in helping people alleviate the symptoms of certain medical issues. Delta-8 has been shown in multiple scientific studies to be helpful in appetite stimulation, nausea reduction, and pain reduction

While more research needs to be done, it is worth noting that a lack of FDA approval does not equate to a lack of efficacy. Roughly 20% of all prescriptions written by doctors are for non-FDA-approved uses.

FDA Statement #2: There Have Been Adverse Events Involving Delta-8 THC

This part of the statement talks about 22 patients that were admitted to the hospital following Delta-8 consumption, 19 of which occurred after ingesting Delta-8 edibles. The second part of this deals with minors taking Delta-8 products and needing to be admitted to the hospital. 

Without knowing the exact details of these hospital admissions, it is hard to say exactly what happened here. Still, it is likely similar to the hospitalization of those who have consumed general marijuana products. The symptoms described are identical to those put forward by those in the hospital after taking standard THC, including cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Like classic THC, most hospitalizations are due to the overconsumption of edibles and the stress that may be caused to those unfamiliar with the product.

This means that those hospitalized from taking Delta-8 THC may have been hospitalized all the same if they had taken more traditional Delta-9 marijuana products. In fact, due to the decreased potency of Delta-8, there may have been more cases without this alternative, and the severity of them may have been worse. 

The same goes for minors’ consumption of these products, which the FDA considers a severe issue. Thousands of young people are hospitalized each year from Cannabis usage, and Delta-8 causing a percentage of these cases is something to be expected. Parents need to ensure they keep these products, especially edible treats, away from young children. This, however, is not an issue unique to Delta-8.

FDA Statement #3: Delta-8 THC has Psychoactive and Intoxicating Effects

This statement is obviously true, and is a big reason so many take and enjoy Delta-8. For the most part, Delta-8 is considered to be a more mild high, and this has led to it being referred to as “weed-light” by many. We assume this was placed in the statement to ensure people were aware of this, as some may not have been before.

FDA Statement #4: Delta-8 THC Products Involve Use of Harmful Chemicals

To create Delta-8, many companies will use powerful chemicals to create a product through a synthesis process. If these companies do not take the time to remove the chemicals properly, they may very well end up in the end product. Admittedly this is a severe issue amongst Delta-8 producers and is the main reason why you need to ensure you are buying only from trusted suppliers. 

It is worth noting that many of the foods we buy today also suffer from similar issues. For example, fish often contain toxic chemicals called Perchlorinated biphenyls, which can damage the brain and have been linked to behavioral disorders. Canned foods will regularly have high levels of bisphenol A (an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins).

You should always be hypervigilant about anything you consume and the producers you buy from.

FDA Statement #5: Delta-8 THC Should Be Kept From Children and Pets.

This is a basic statement that we are in complete agreement on. Delta-8 is made to be consumed by human adults and should not be given to children or pets. 

Are You Looking for Safe Delta-8 Products?

As we have made clear here, you want to buy Delta-8 from safe and reputable sources. At, we have made great efforts in finding the best brands with the purest products. If you are in the market for a high-quality Delta-8, then we strongly suggest you buy from one of the brands found being offered on our site. If you choose to shop somewhere else, ensure you can see test results from a third-party lab and that you always consume responsibly.



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