Study Shows CBD May Help Improve Your Golf Game

At, we have talked a lot about the benefits of CBD as it deals with overall health and wellness and even how it may help fight various forms of cancer. Something we haven’t talked much about, and this is primarily due to the lack of scientific evidence on the topic, is how using CBD may assist you in performing better in various tasks and activities. We know athletes are using CBD as part of their recovery and healing process, but can it help them perform better as well? A new study, indeed the first of its kind, is currently underway, looking at how CBD impacts one’s on-course performance while playing golf.

The study looking at the link between CBD and golfing has been a joint project between an industry leader in automated shot tracking technology, Shot Scope, and the independent research company, Sports Marketing Surveys. While the data has yet to be made publicly available, recent reports have been extremely positive.

What the CBD and Golf Study Has Shown So Far

The study was done by surveying a hundred avid golfers across various ages and handicaps and tracking their performance over two months while consuming CBD oil daily. Shot Scope technology was used to analyze thousands of shots in order to determine precisely how performance was changing over that period. 

The study reportedly found that the hundred golfers averaged an improvement of 1.16 shots per round over the course of the testing period, with two-thirds of the golfers seeing significant improvement.  Driving distance was improved by roughly 2%, with over 70% of the golfers gaining up to 9.8 yards on their tee shots. There was also a decrease in three-putting with 4.4 more holes in between each three-putt. Over 60% of the golfers improved their putting over the course of the testing period.

About 60% of golfers surveyed improved their putting, and over 65% improved their shots per round while taking CBD.

The study also found that roughly 80% of the golfers found that their existing injuries had improved, and three out of four participants reported better sleep and on-course mentality. The younger golfers also said that they felt improved levels of calmness and post-round recovery.

While this is a relatively small study, and the data has yet to be opened to the public, these reports show that the physical and mental benefits that CBD has shown to provide in other settings may actually translate directly into golf and can serve to provide the psychological and physical benefits that reflect into a better overall golf game.

How CBD May be Working to Improve Golf Games

While the study provides some interesting data, it does not detail how these improvements are actually being realized. By looking at how CBD has been shown to offer benefits in other realms, we can begin to speculate as to how CBD may be helping those playing golf perform better.

Calming Effects

CBD has been shown to offer profound calming effects that have translated into decreased anxiety and better sleep. With a better ability to relax, you can more easily focus on your game and avoid outside distractions that could disrupt your swing. A good golf swing requires relaxed muscles and a calm mind, and there is quite a bit of evidence that CBD can provide these underlying benefits.

Relief from Aches and Pains

Relating to our last point, many golfers suffer from aches and pains in the arms and back that can disrupt the flow of your swing, your ability to focus, and ultimately your ability to play your best. CBD has been shown to help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief, which in turn can help golf players focus and follow through with increased efficiency. 

Play More and Recover Faster

This added relief from inflammation and pain allows golfers to feel better while playing, and to recover faster afterward. These benefits will, in turn, allow you to play more, giving you more practice and more time to improve the many aspects of your game. 

Great CBD Products for Golfers

These are some top-shelf products that are perfect for your next day out on the course. Each one of these products has been carefully examined for quality, purity, and potency.

Daytime CBD Gummies

You obviously don’t want to be smoking a CBD joint or dealing with cumbersome bottles of oil when hitting the links, so being able to take a handful of gummies and chowing down on a few before you go to play, or between holes, is a great way to get a potent blast of CBD into your system. These gummies from Cloud N9ne are specially made for use during the day and come in an assortment of sour fruit flavors.

ACTIV8 CBD Inhaler

If you don’t want to eat gummies or want something that is faster acting, then the CBD inhaler is a perfect solution. This device looks exactly like any traditional medical inhaler but instead administers a full dosage of CBD. This is an easy, simple, and discreet way to utilize CBD wherever you go.


After the game, it is not rare for your joints and muscles to be sore. A CBD lotion can be absorbed directly through the skin and can quickly go to work, reducing pain and inflammation and helping you to recover faster. This lotion can also be applied while on the course to ensure that you are able to play all 18 holes comfortably

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